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Our Story

This all started as a dream between two brothers when Chad bought John a Mr. Beer Kit for his 22nd birthday .... 

John quickly realized his passion for craft beer and the high  quality it deserves when enjoyed.


John Bucher and Chad Tydings have lived in the four corners of this great country to include North in Alaska, West in Oregon and Utah, and East in New York and Vermont.  They finally found themselves in the South as they settled in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina.

What have they learned?  Family comes first - and a close second is great beer.  Today, as Tetrad grows as the best local brewery, the team has grown, each with their own families, backgrounds, and the pure love of craft beer.

Please come by, grab a pint, and make new friends as we continue to love each other and love a good beer.

We always Brew 4 the Love of family and you.

What's Tetrad?

tet·​rad | \ ˈte-ˌtrad  \


a group or arrangement of four






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