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Brew 4 the Love

Brew 4 the Love officially launched in June 2020 in honor of Lisa Tydings, the cousin of Tetrad's co-founder, Chad Tydings. 


Lisa beat cancer twice but, unfortunately had to battle this dreaded disease a third time. With inspiration drawn from her love of the Outer Banks, we crafted Lisa’s favorite style of beer, a lemon-ginger shandy called Lisa’s Lemonade.


While Lisa is fun-loving, she’s also a fighter, which is why we decided to create her alter-ego in liquid form: The Feisty Lisa - the Lisa’s Lemonade shandy mixed with Prosecco, creating a feistiness to tackle anything. Keep an eye out for seasonal variations of Lisa's Lemonade!


A portion of proceeds from each sale of Lisa’s Lemonade go to support Lisa and the organizations that have helped pull her and her family through these challenging times.

Give a Beer to those who deserve it,
Receive a beer because YOU deserve it.



Brew 4 The Love was created with the idea of being charitable and giving back to those who need a little extra love. With the definition of Tetrad, a Greek word meaning a group or arrangement of 4, the name was set.

 The Brew 4 The Love Wall is simple:

 Buy a beer for a family member, a friend or someone you don’t know but want to support what they do or what they are battling in life. Put that good karma and universal love out there to lift someone else up, thank them for what they do and give back a little. You never know what someone is going through or what they may need, but when you come into our taproom, there’s probably some goodness on the wall for you. Let our Beertenders get to know you because once you step through the doors, you’re our Tetrad family.

 We Brew 4 The Love every day, that will never stop. 

Our Lisa's Lemonade Fund currently totals over $3000, which speaks volumes about our Tetrad community! 

Many of you have asked how to donate if you aren't local, don't drink alcohol, or don't prefer a shandy (we aren't offended!). If you feel strongly about supporting our Lisa's Lemonade Fund, please consider donating to the Hilton Education Foundation, scroll down to the Lisa Tydings Scholarship. The Scholarship recognizes a graduating, college-bound Hilton High School Senior with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher who is planning to become an elementary school teacher.

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